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Eça de Queiroz (1845-1900)

Eça de Queiroz or only Eça, as many locals will tell you, is the most important Portuguese novelist. His work, permanently current and insightful, portrays the day-to-day life of Portuguese society. His style, full of irony and humor, pessimism and social criticism, is a mirror for very Portuguese characteristics.

Eça followed a diplomatic career and the fact that he lived abroad gave him a more objective and critical perspective of Portuguese society and it was precisely in England that he wrote most of his work. Get to know Lisbon, but also some of the places that served as scenery to his narratives with our Eça de Queiroz Tour which begins right next door with a stroll through Chiado (more information available at the reception). Do not return home without a copy of his vast work as the Mayas, the City and the Sierras or the Crime of Father Amaro.